RYAN HANLEY AWARD (WEST REGION) STUDENT ENGINEERING PRIZE The competition is intended for final year engineering undergraduates taking full time degree courses at third level institutions located within the West Region. The competition is designed to promote excellence in research, written submissions and presentation skills among undergraduates. Winners are awarded a cash prize.

THE FRANK LYDON AWARD Arup Consulting Engineers sponsor the Frank Lydon Award for the best Final Year Project in Civil Engineering, at NUI Galway. This annual award is in honour of Frank Lydon, the former Managing Director of the company, who was a graduate of Civil Engineering. The winning student will receive a cash prize, which is doubled if the student goes on to postgraduate study.

MÁIRE BRAZIL SCHOLARSHIP IN CIVIL ENGINEERING This will be adjudicated annually by the Dean of Engineering and Informatics (or his / her nominee) and will be awarded to the eligible female candidate who demonstrates the highest overall grade in her First Year University exams in Engineering. Successful candidates will receive a Scholarship of €2,000 each year for 3 years of study, namely 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of her BE (Civil) degree. Retention of the scholarship from year to year will be conditional upon recipients’ maintaining an honours grade standard in subsequent year examinations (i.e. 2nd, 3rd and 4th year).

MEDTRONIC PRIZE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING  The Medtronic Prize is awarded to the student of Biomedical Engineering who achieves first place in the final year of the course leading to the BE degree. This is a cash award.

MCS KENNY INTERNATIONAL PRIZE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING  MCS Kenny International sponsor this cash prize for the best individual project by a student of Mechanical Engineering in the final year of the course leading to the BE Degree.

NORTEL NETWORKS PRIZE  The Prize consists of a cash award and a commemorative trophy. The Prize is awarded to the project deemed to have the highest academic and practical standard with strong emphasis on the level of innovation shown by the student(s) involved. The Prize is not be limited to any specific technical area in Electronic Engineering.

The P.J. TOBIN AND CO. GOLD MEDAL AND RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP IN CIVIL ENGINEERING The Gold Medal is awarded annually, on the results of the BE Examination in Civil Engineering, and on the recommendation of the Professor of Civil Engineering after consultation with representatives of the donor company.

RPS Prize  This prize is awarded by RPS Group to the students who achieve 1st Place in 3rd Year B.E. Environmental Engineering Degree and for 1st Place in 3rd Year BE Civil Engineering Degree. The RPS prize is a monetary prize.

LAING O’ROURKE UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME  Laing O’Rourke provide financial support to students for the duration of the undergraduate degree. Students studying for the BE degree at NUI Galway are eligible to apply. Work placements within the company are organised during vacations and/or any industrial training period.


THE GRAHAM TECHNOLOGY AWARD The prize consists of a cash award. The Prize will be awarded each year for the best project in the HDip in Applied Science (Software Design & Development). The project may be a group or individual projects.

THE P.J. TOBIN RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP IN CIVIL ENGINEERING  The Research Scholarship is awarded annually on the recommendation of the Professor of Civil Engineering after consultation with representatives of the donor company. IT is available only to a graduate registering for a higher degree in Engineering and undertaking research work in Civil Engineering. The Scholarship is intended to help to defray travel and other costs incurred by the candidate in the pursuit of his/her research.