Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination For Admission for Academic Year 2021-2022

The Engineering Mathematics Qualifying Exam (EMQE) is an alternative route for prospective students to meet the minimum Mathematics requirements for undertaking an Engineering degree course, and the Preparatory Course (EMPC) is intended to assist students in their preparations for the EMQE. This year the EMPC will be run via Blackboard – which is the on-line teaching platform used here at NUIG – and so it is essential that all students register for the course in order to be assigned an on-line ID to attend the on-line lectures & tutorials, and access all the other course materials.

  1. Who Can Apply
  2. Register here for the Exam
  3. Enrolment for Exam Preparation Course - EMPC
  4. Past Papers and Course Outline

1. Who Can Apply?

Admission to the School of Engineering is confined to students who satisfy both the general requirements for Matriculation in the School of Engineering and the Mathematics grade required for admission to the individual programme (H4 for BE Programmes, H7/O3 for BSc Project & Construction Management, H6/O2 for BSc Computer Science & IT).

Candidates who satisfy the general requirements for Matriculation in the School but who have NOT attained the required Mathematics grade for their programme may apply to take the Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination held by the University. Registration for the exam closes 5 pm. on 08/09/21.

Places available (which may vary in number year to year) will be allocated to those candidates who have achieved the points requirement for the programme that year, who satisfy the general requirements for Matriculation in the School of Engineering and who attain a Pass in the Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination.

The places available will be allocated in strict order of merit. Due to capacity constraints, not all candidates who achieve a pass in the examination may receive an offer.

The School of Engineering at NUI Galway will hold its Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination in Mathematics on Saturday 11th September 2021, in the Alice Perry Engineering building, NUI Galway.

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2. Register for the Exam 

*Registration closes 5pm 08/09/22

Registration for Engineering Maths Qualifying Exam 2021/22

This link will take you a registration page. You will need to create an account, using your email address. To register, you need your CAO number - make sure to enter this correctly.

After you complete registrration, return to this page, and read the details off the preparation course and recommendations in 3 and 4 below,.

In late August, the School of Engineering office will contact all students who have registed for the exam with details of how to join the preparatory course. 

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3. Register for the EMQE Preparatory Course

The School of Engineering at NUI Galway runs a preparatory week long course (free of charge) to prepare students for the Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination - this year, the course will take place online and will start on Sunday 5th September. Lecturers will also demonstrate the significant relevance of mathematics across the engineering programmes and will highlight the applicability of mathematics to some illustrative engineering examples.

The Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination Preparatory Course in Mathematics will run ONLINE from Sunday September 5th to Friday September 10th (inclusive)

Admission to the preparatory course is limited to students who have applied for our programmes through the CAO (see 2 above).‌

To register for the Preparatory Course:

Email including the following information:

  • Your name, email address and CAO number.
  • State if you plan on sitting the Honours or Pass Maths Exam paper for the leaving certificate,
  • List the CAO codes of the programmes for which you have applied.
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4. Past Papers and Course Outline

All EMQE papers from 2015 up to last year are available in ‘Learning Materials’ on Blackboard  and earlier papers are available via links below. Access to Blackboard will be arranged after you register for the preparatory course (3 above).  Please note, there was a major change in the Leaving Cert syllabus in 2016, which was reflected in the syllabus for this exam, and so papers from before 2016 are not a good guide to either the content or the style of this year’s EMQE.

Below are links to chapters of two Mathematics publications which will assist you with your preparation:

Algebra Complex Numbers 1
Quadratic and Cubic Equations Complex Numbers 2
Trigonometry 1 Complex Numbers 3
Trigonometry 2 Complex Numbers 4
Differential Calculus 2 Complex Numbers 5
Differential Calculus 3 Complex Numbers 6
Integration Permutations, Combinations and Probability 1
Binomial Theorem Permutations, Combinations and Probability 2
Coordinate Geometry of the Circle 1 Sequences and Series 1


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